EPLAY I8 易播平板2+32G Advance sale(预售) 拍下后請留下電話號碼,謝謝!

EPLAY I8 易播平板2+32G Advance sale(预售) 拍下后請留下電話號碼,謝謝!

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Big announcement!EPLAY i8,a wonderful TV Tablet,is launching at moment,you can watching your favourite program at anytime and anywhere,it also can brodcast at a big TV screen easily but just need a HDMI Cable,got it and have fun soon!


最新影視,最火綜藝,熱門紀錄片,各大體育賽事…用EPLAY i8,你想看的我們這都有…



EPLAY i8不僅僅是平板還是隨身攜帶的電視機,既可方便快捷觀看喜愛的影視節目,又可用電視大屏與家人共亯快樂,絕對是您超值的選擇!




As the Chinese traditional Spring Festival is coming in 2020, all staff of EVPAD wish all new and old customers a happy New Year. The company will stop taking orders and delivering goods before January 15, 2020.The holiday will be on January 20, 2020, solstice February 2, 2020, and the order will be resumed on February 3, 2020. Thank you for your support.